Signs You Have An Opossum Infestation – DIY Treatments

Opossums are often referred to as the American version of a rat. They’re common in North America and can be found in warmer climates such as Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and California. Opossums are scavengers that will eat just about anything they come across including garbage. This is why opossum infestations happen more frequently around homes with easy access to food sources like trash cans or dumpsters where they can find all sorts of goodies. If you suspect an opossum infestation is happening at your home it’s important to take action quickly before their numbers grow out of control!

What Causes Opossums To Visit Your Home:

If you know there are opossums around your home you might be wondering why they chose your house? Well generally speaking possums are looking for warmth or protection when they chose their new home, so if you’re home can provide them with either of those, they might be setting up shop.

What attracts opossums to your property
  • Garbage bins that are too accessible or aren’t covered properly.
  • Dumpsters with easy access for opossums to climb up and get in.
  • Trash cans next to homes that have a lot of food residue on the outside such as bread crumbs, apple cores, or empty chip bags.
  • Neighborhoods where there are lots of trees and bushes (opossums like hiding spots).

Signs You Have An Opossum Infestation At Your House:

  • Seeing opossums during the day is a sign that they’re comfortable living in your home.
  • Knocked over garbage bins or signs or feeding going on around garbage or recycling bins.
  • Finding feces or urine marks on outside fences, porches, and decks where animals have been up close to these areas.
  • Tracks of dirty paw prints near trash cans and dumpsters.

The more you feed opossums at your house the lower their fear of humans will be, which could lead them to enter houses for shelter from bad weather or other predators! Always make sure your garbage bins are covered properly with lids so no wildlife can get into them as well as keeping food residue off the exterior walls around our homes!

How to prevent opossums at your house:

  • Just as mentioned earlier, make sure your garbage bins are covered properly with lids so no wildlife can get into them.
  • Keep food residue off the exterior walls around our homes! Make it a habit to wipe down any windowsills or decks that may have crumbs on them as opossums will climb along these areas in search of more food sources if they see anything edible left out where they live.
  • Remove all peelings and fruit peels from outdoor area’s then put inside trash cans securely closed up. Opossum love this type of easy meal which is why you want to try and keep their attention away from yards by removing temptations for easy pickings there! There are also some great natural foods

Common Locations For Opossums On Your Property:

  • Garbage can areas.
  • Underneath decks, porches, sheds, and other structures where they are safe from predators.
  • Living spaces inside your home such as basements or attics if it is warm enough with a food source nearby like an open garage door left on while no human is living there.
  • Attic ventilating fans located in the gable end of homes that provide ventilation to keep them cool during the summer months when air conditioning units are not always necessary which makes for easy access points for these animals looking for shelter away from the elements outside!

The best way to get opossums out of your property: humanely trap them then release them far from their original location so they don’t come back to your property.

Final Thoughts On Opossums On Your Property:

Opossums can be quite a nuisance on your property. Not only can they destroy your property as they’re looking for a new suitable home, but they also can introduce dangerous diseases to your family and pets. If you notice any signs of opossums you should act quickly to ensure they don’t call your property their new home.

how to get rid of opossums

You should call a pest control company that has experience with dealing with wildlife animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and possums. These companies are equipped with all sorts of devices for getting rid of these pests from attics, under patios, and in crawl spaces. At the end of the day, you can do your best to prevent possums, but if they’ve chosen your home, you might have to resort to calling in the professionals to help evict them from your property for good!