How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Termites?

Termites can be a scary pest infestation to deal with because they can cause thousands of dollars in-home repairs, as well as put your family in danger due to structural damage. When you notice you have a termite infestation it’s time to act quickly so that you prevent any serious damage to your home! So when you have an infestation and you’ve hired a professional to take care of your termites, how long does it actually take for your termites to be killed?

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Termites?:

how long does it take to get rid of termites?

Most termite treatment products offer a 90-day guarantee on eliminating a termite infestation. When a termite treatment is put down, the poison bait used will kill a large portion of the termites within a day or two, but the overall goal of the treatment is to kill the entire colony. This usually takes place as the poison bait is picked up and taken back to the rest of the colony. Termite poison is actually designed to be a slow-kill. You want the poison to be strong enough to kill your termites, but not strong enough that it kills them before they have the chance to deliver the poison back to their colony. If you use a poison that kills instantly then it will only kill the foraging termites and the colony will simply repopulate and your infestation will continue.

Timeline Of A Termite Treatment:

When you hire a professional termite exterminator, you’ll want to have a general idea of the overall timeline of the process.

  1. Termite Inspection: Any reputable termite exterminator will start the process with a thorough termite inspection of your property. They are looking for where the termite infestation is located, and the overall severity of the infestation.
  2. Placement Of Bait Traps: Now that the exterminator knows your termite situation, they’ll begin placing termite bait traps around the perimeter of your home. These bait traps work to attract termites with a bait that is actually poison. Foraging termites around your home will then bring this bait back to the colony, poisioning the rest of the colony. This is better than our boric acid recipe for termites because it ensures that the poison is brought back to the rest of the colony.
  3. Elimination Of Termites: Over the next days to weeks the entire colony will be introduced to the poison bait and will begin to die. This entire process can take a few weeks, but usually the entire colony is wiped out within 4-8 weeks.
  4. Follow Up Inspections: Your exterminator should now plan out routine re-visits to your property to ensure that the entire colony has been eliminated and your infestation doesn’t return. Some exterminators will also implement termite monitoring systems which will help alert them if there are still signs of termite activity.

Final Thoughts On How Long Termite Treatments Take To Work:

Termites can be a nerve-wracking pest to have around your home. Not only can they cause large amounts of financial damage to your home, but they can also make your home unsafe for your family. Thankfully, when you team up with a professional termite exterminator, termites can be a thing of the past!

Generally speaking, a termite treatment should be fully complete within 90 days. During this process, your exterminator should perform an initial termite inspection, place bait traps, eliminate your termites as well as have follow-up inspections to ensure your termites are gone for good. If you don’t want to hire a professional, you can try out termite granules, but I would recommend a professional if you have a severe termite infesation.