Do Termite Granules Work? – Termite Pellets and Imidacloprid Info:

There are countless termite solutions touted online as the ultimate solution, but it’s difficult to understand how well these actually work. For example, you can use a termite boric acid recipe, but this is better for minor infestations. One of the more recent viral trends is termite granules.

Do termite granules work? Yes if done correctly, termite granules and termite pellets actually do work.

do termite granules work

Generally speaking, if applied properly termite granules can show a large reduction in termite activity in their colony and outside their colony.

In this post, we’re going to try our best to break down what you need to know about termite granules and termite pellets, how to apply it, how well it works, and what termite situation they work best for.

Let’s get going!

What Kind Of Termites Do Termite Granules Kill?

Termite pellets tend to work best against Formosan and subterranean termites which are typical in North and South America.

Granules are designed to work on termites that live underneath the surface of the ground which are primarily subterranean termites. This means these granules aren’t effective against termite species that don’t live underneath the ground such as drywood termites.

How Do Termite Granules and Pellets Work?

Termite granules are designed to disintegrate when mixed with moisture and then the chemical (typically Imidacloprid) inside the granule begins to mix into the soil. As termites are digging to the surface of the soil they are then brought into contact with the dissolved granules where they are then poisoned and killed.

Where Should You Place Termite Granules?

You should only really use termite granules outside around your property rather than in your crawl space. Here are some of the optimal places you should place your termite pellets:

  • Around the perimeter of your home, especially around your foundation since this is where typical termite damage occurs.
  • Near mulch and surrounding flower beds within 5-10 feet of your home.
  • Around trees and gardens on your property.
  • Surrounding wooden fences and fenceposts.
  • Around lumber storage areas if outside.

You should always place granules directly on soil as this allows it to dissolve and evenly spread.

How To Apply Termite Granules:

When you purchase termite granules it might be slightly unclear on how you actually correctly apply it so that it’s most effective against termites. Thankfully these pellets are relatively simple:

  • Follow Spreading Direction Based On The Brand Of Termite Granules You Purchased.
  • Spread On Direct Soil Around The Foundation Of Your Home, Fences, Gardens, and Important Trees.
  • Water Until Applied Soil Is Moderately Damp.

Are Termite Granules Safe For Trees and Plants?:

Yes termite granules are safe for trees, plants and your garden. They are designed to be harmful only to termites and other insects but shouldn’t harm your plants. That being said, you should always check the small print of your granules.

Are Termite Granules Safe For Pets?:

Some termite granules are safe for pets and others can be dangerous to pets. Depending on the individual ingredients, most granules are safe once they’ve dried in the soil, so a few hours after application and watering.

Always double-check the specifics of your granules, but most times they are safe once they’ve been applied, watered and completely dried.

Do Termite Granules Work Better Than Professional Termite Treatments?:

Most people want to save money where possible, so they generally want to test out DIY termite treatments before forking out money to a professional.

Applying termite granules

Termite granules definitely work if applied correctly and if you don’t have a major infestation. That being said, if time is of the essence it probably makes sense to simply hire a professional. Termites cause billions of dollars per year in damages, so if it’s a serious termite situation, then it might save you more money in the long run just by paying a certified professional.

That being said, if you catch an infestation at the beginning stages or it’s a minor infestation, I’d recommend testing out termite pellets before paying money for a professional.

How Long Termite Granules Last For?:

After correctly applied most termite granules last for 12 months. That being said, each individual brand might have different specifications, so make sure you double-check.

Do Termite Granules Kill Termites Instantly?:

Yes termite granules kill termites instantly or near-instantly, and if correctly applied are very effective. That being said they will have to be reapplied once or twice a year depending on the individual brand. Take a look at our guide on how long it should take to get rid of a termite infestation when using professional help.

Final Thoughts On Termite Granules and Pellets:

If you are dealing with a minor termite infestation or simply want to try your hand at solving your infestation before forking out money to a professional, then termite granules can be an excellent solution.

They are scientifically proven to reduce termite activity when properly applied. You should always apply directly on the soil and only use them outdoors. You can also safely use these granules to help prevent termites from destroying any trees and plants on your property!