Boric Acid For Termites Recipe – 2 Minutes To Prepare!

If you’ve noticed that oyu could be facing some termite issues, then before you go out and spend hundreds on a pest control company, you should at least try to use boric acid! In this article, we’re going to give you our tried and tested boric acid recipe to get rid of and prevent termites!

boric acid for termites recipe

This is an extremely easy recipe, and it only takes about two minutes for you to prepare and you’re ready to apply! Boric Acid and Borax works on ants and other insects but it’s also very effective against termites, at least temporarily. This recipe will kill termites, but it doesn’t do much to prevent them from coming back, so if you have a major infestation you’ll need a traditional baiting solution.

If you already have boric acid you’re about halfway there, if not most stores sell boric acid and you’ll be on your way. So let’s jump right in!

Boric Acid Recipe To Kill Termites:

What You’ll Need:

  • Boric Acid (16 oz)
  • A Gallon Of Water
  • A Spray Bottle

Indoor Termite Boric Acid Recipe:

  1. Heat 1 Gallon Of Water To a Hot But Not Boiling Temperature (This helps the boric acid disolve).
  2. Pour All 16 Ounces Of Boric Acid Into The Hot Water.
  3. Mix The Mixture Together Until The Acid Is Fully Disolved.
  4. Once Disolved, Pour The Mixture Into A Spray Bottle.
  5. Focus On Spraying The Mixture Around Your Affected Foundation And Termite Areas. Apply Generously.
  6. Apply The Mixture Every Day For At Least A Week. By The End Of The Week You Should See Dead Termites Around Where You’ve Been Spraying.
  7. If You Don’t See Dead Termites, Continue To Spray For Another Few Days.
  8. If You Still Don’t See Dead Termites, Add More Boric Acid To Your Mixture To Make It More Powerful, And Repeat The Process.

Outdoor Termite Boric Acid Recipe:

We have an outdoor termite boric acid recipe that works a bit better outside your home because it’s a bit more efficient at physically attracting termites to the solution and then killing them.

  1. Mix 12 Ounces Of Boric Acid With 20 Ounces Of Flour, 10 Ounces Of Sugar, And Hot (Not Boiling) Water.
  2. Add 4 Tablespoons Of Keroseen Or Castrol Oil.
  3. Mix The Mixture Until It Forms A Paste Or Dough.
  4. Roll The Dough Into Marble Sized Balls.
  5. Insert One Or Two Of These Balls Into Noticeable Termite Nests Or Around Your Homes Foundation Or Problem Areas.
  6. Insert New Balls Every 2-3 Days.

The sugar in this outdoor termite recipe helps to attract termites to the balls and then works to kill them, where the indoor recipe is meant to be sprayed directly on an indoor infestation area.

These termite-killing recipes are bang easy, and it is pretty effective against minor termite infestations. That being said, this will not be a long-term solution to a major termite infestation since it doesn’t actually bring the poison back to the entirety of the colony. You’ll need to use termite bait stations if you have a major infestation.

How Does This Boric Acid Recipe Actually Kill Termites?:

Unlike some other poisons, boric acid actually doesn’t kill instantly on contact. It is more of a slow and steady solution. Similar to diatomaceous earth, boric acid works against insect’s exoskeleton and works to remove moisture from their body and breaking down their exoskeleton, which eventually leads to their death.

boric acids for termites

By using this recipe’s mixture of boric acid and water helps this solution travel from one termite to another and hopefully takes the mixture to the colony. If termites bring this recipe back to their colony it spreads through the colony and kills additional termites.

Final Thoughts On Boric Acid Termite Killing Recipe:

Overall if you have a minor termite infestation then I’d definitely recommend checking out this recipe and testing it out. It only will take a few minutes to test it out and it’s usually pretty effective. That being said, this termite-killing recipe is best for minor infestations rather than major infestations. And since major termite infestations can cause huge amounts of damage, it’s often best to just hire a professional. Here is our guide on how long it takes to get rid of termites with professional help.