Citrus Oil For Carpenter Bees – Easy Recipe

Citrus oil can help in keeping carpenter bees away from your home. You can ward them off by using citrus oil to create a natural repellent.

An easy way to implement a citrus oil repellent for carpenter bees is to soak cotton balls in citrus oil and place them near your home’s entry points, wooden porches, or anywhere else you’ve noticed carpenter bee activity.

Carpenter bees are attracted to wood which they can potentially use as nests, so citrus oil should help keep them away from your house. The smell of citrus oil is something carpenter bees aren’t very fond of and it makes your home less appealing as a potential nesting spot.

citrus oil and carpenter bees

Why Use Citrus Oil For Carpenter Bees:

Citrus oil is a cheap and easy method for keeping carpenter bees away from your home without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic insecticides. Carpenter bees are especially attracted to wood rot, so be sure to repair any holes or damaged areas before trying this, and I’d also recommend installing traps for carpenter bees if you already have an infestation.

You can also ward off these bugs by installing screens on windows and doors, sealing all openings in the exterior of your home, and by repainting any wood surfaces to help protect your wood from carpenter bees.

You can also purchase natural repellents or citronella candles to keep them away. The oils found in cedar chips are also said to have insect-repelling properties.

The use of pesticides is another potential solution, but chemicals are harmful to both humans and the environment. Try addressing the root of your carpenter bee problem instead, such as by removing any rotted wood in your home’s exterior. This will help keep these flying creatures away in the future.

Carpenter bees are especially attracted to wood rot, so be sure to repair any holes or damaged areas before trying this solution.

Spraying Natural Oils Directly On Carpenter Bees Nests:

You can also use oils directly on the carpenter bees’ nests. Take some essential oils like citrus oil, cinnamon, orange, or any other natural oil. Put that in a sprayer and spray around the wood that carpenter bees are nesting in. Ensuring your spray the exterior and inside the nest if possible. Do this early in the morning or late at night to avoid any carpenter bee stings After 10 to 12 days, you will notice that there is no more carpenter bee around your house.

Final Thoughts On Carpenter Bees and Citrus Oil

Carpenter bees can be a nuisance in the spring and summer. They’re looking for a place to nest, so if you notice them buzzing around your home, here’s how to keep them away: use citrus oil on cotton balls or spray citrus oil near entries points of your house, active infestations, and any potential nesting spots. Now that you know what to do about these bugs, why not take care of this problem today? Some things are best handled immediately before they get out of hand!