Everything You Need To Know About A Booklice Infestation – Identification and Getting Rid Of Them!

If you’ve noticed small gray/pale bugs in and around your home, then you might have a booklice infestation. Although it’s often worrisome to notice bugs in your home, but thankfully once you’ve identified what type of bugs they are, you’ll be able to work to fully remove them from your home! In this article we’ll be covering everything you need to know involving booklice in your home and how to get rid of booklice!

Do Booklice Bite?:

No, booklice do not bite humans and are harmless to both people and pets. Thankfully unlike insects such as bed bugs, booklice do not feed on blood to survive, so they have no reason to bite or attack humans or pets. Booklice are often referred to as a nuisance pest because they are annoying and icky, but they aren’t actually dangerous or harmful.

how to get rid of booklice

Are Booklice Dangerous?

No, booklice are not a dangerous pest to have in your home. Booklice can be an annoyance and icky as they crawl around your walls and collect on books, but they don’t bite humans or pets and do not pose any threat of disease.

These pests are more commonly referred to as “bookworms”, which is probably something you’ve heard if you’ve ever had an infestation before! 

How To Identify Booklice:

Booklice are tiny creatures that measure about 1/64th of an inch long. They have a grayish color on their body. If you notice pale insects in your home, they’ve most likely been booklice! They look like tiny “beetles” too! You can often find them lurking inside books or even on windowsills.

how to identify booklice

Where Do I Find Booklice?:

Aside from being found around the places where you keep books (including inside books), you may also find them in humid locations such as basements or near water sources. Although they are referred to as booklice they will go anywhere that fits their humidity needs, such as your basement, closets, clothing dressers, and pantries.

Booklice are most active at night when it’s warm and humid. If you see them scurry away when you flip over furniture or speak to them, then you’ve most likely found yourself some booklice! They tend to hide under wood surfaces, such as cabinets, cabinetry,

How Do I Get Rid Of Booklice:

Booklice or booklouse are a tough pest to get rid of because they love to live in humid areas. For starters, you should clean your entire home as thoroughly as possible. This will remove all the places for them to hide and breed. Sterilize your carpets with steam cleaning or pick up an inexpensive carpet cleaner on amazon.com  to quickly sanitize your flooring. Next, pay special attention to the nooks and crannies around windows and doors where they like hang out so much! Booklice infestations usually cause irritation with homeowners because there is no real way to prevent them from coming into your house when you move books or have other items that can’t be sprayed down with insecticides. However despite

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Final Thoughts On Booklice:

Although booklice might seem like a scary pest to have around your home, thankfully they are harmless, although a bit of a nuisance. You might notice them in any areas of your home that are traditionally humid, such as around books, in your basement, closets, and dressers. Thankfully by ensuring your home is tidy and humidity is under control, you’ll dramatically reduce the amount of booklice in your home.