Are Cockroaches Evolving To Become Invincible And More Dangerous?

You often hear that cockroaches are invincible to natural disasters and they will even survive a nuclear apocalypse. If you are one of many people that don’t like cockroaches then that is probably a pretty unsettling fact to hear about. But how true is that statement actually? Are cockroaches actually evolving and if they are is it to become invincible or is it just a more natural adaptation?

Are Cockroaches Evolving?

Pest control technicians have known for years that cockroaches are a bit more difficult than other insects to deal with and they actually have to use a different ratio of insecticide on cockroaches because they are immune to traditional insecticides.

Well, new research shows that Yes cockroaches are evolving to become more and more immune to traditional insecticides, and at some point in the future, they could actually be unkillable with traditional methods.

Scientific Reports noted that German Cockroaches are becoming more immune to insecticides and specifically the mixing of traditional insecticides which has been recent practice for technicians.

Even 10-15 years ago, cockroaches were immune to one or two main classes of insecticides, but recently we’ve been noticing that they are gaining additional immunity to other classes of insecticide which

How Do Cockroaches Evolve So Quickly?

Because cockroaches reproduce so quickly, this allows them to more quickly develop genetic immunities that will help keep them and their future offspring alive.

If only a handful of new cockroaches are born with a more powerful immunity to insecticides, this natural mutation will help them survive more effectively, which they’ll then pass onto their offspring, who will continue to develop and evolve into a more powerful DNA subset.

Along with this, if you are treating for cockroaches around your home or business, and use an insecticide. All the cockroaches that aren’t killed will begin to develop an immunity to that specific insecticide, which they will pass down to their offspring.

This is extremely dangerous because it means that cockroaches are evolving extremely quickly and we are actively aiding in this evolution by using insecticides that aren’t killing all the cockroaches and providing immunity for those that survive.

What This Means For The Future:

This means that if you are battling a cockroach infestation you’ll have to use multiple methods to combat the infestation. You can’t strictly rely on insecticides anymore. You need to rely on other methods such as keeping your home clean, sealing any gaps in the doors or windows, maybe even testing baking soda or bleach.