How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food? – Feeding Cycle

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food?

Bedbugs can live without food for a very long time, but when they do feed, they’ll eat more than once. Staying hidden from you, bed bugs can lay dormant for up to a year at a time without having to feed. This means they can be hiding in your attic, your closet, or in any crack or crevice, simply waiting for the opportunity to feed on your or your family.

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food?

How Often Do Bed Bugs Feed?

Because there are a few species of these bloodsucking insects and they all have different habits, it’s very difficult to determine the exact number of days that bed bugs can go without feeding on human blood. However, according to entomologists, roughly 10% of these nasty pests feed once every 5 or 6 weeks while others choose to feed only every month or so.

Bed Bug Feeding Cycle

These creatures usually live within a specific climate, which means they are more active in warmer weather. During the day, they will hide under furniture and inside of the walls. They’ll feed primarily at night when their prey (in this case you) is asleep or inattentive to what’s going on around them. This allows the bed bugs to stay out of sight until they’re ready to pounce with their needle-like mouthparts. That being said, if a bed bug has been without food for quite some time, they might venture out at whatever time of day to find food.

bed bug feeding cycle

The bed bug only has one set of teeth that are used for piercing flesh and creating wounds that can’t heal without medical intervention. The only purpose behind these bites is simply to suck the blood right out from under your skin while inflicting as little pain as possible – that way you won’t stir in your sleep and notice that they are feeding on you.

There are many ways to get rid of bed bugs. Some people try starving them by limiting their access to food while others move out for two weeks in hopes that the pests will die without feeding on any human blood. However, research has shown a full-grown bed bug can live up to 400 days without eating anything at all – so this strategy doesn’t work!

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs are a pest that can be found all over the world in just about every region on Earth. There are several different species of bed bugs that exist, ranging from five to nine mm in length and they’re very flat creatures as well. They feed strictly on blood and are most active at night while people are asleep under the covers.

How Long Do Bed Bugs Live?

Although these pests need regular feeding periods to survive, they’ll go for months without having a meal. This allows them a lot of time between feedings which provides them with ample opportunities to stay hidden from their human victims. Bed bugs have been known to live up to 500 days without eating anything, but generally will search out a new host within two weeks without food.

Final Thoughts On Bed Bugs:

You should never allow these nasty bloodsucking insects to invade your home. Nobody deserves to have to look over their shoulder constantly because of bed bugs. If you suspect a bed bug invasion, contact a pest control professional right away! DIY treatments such as Neem Oil or Tea Tree Oil are nowhere near as effective as a professional service!